Here’s some of my background and personal info.

Where I Came From

I was born Alexandrina Imma Irene Isabelle Brown – which is why people call me Alexis Brown. I am Scottish and Choctaw, the cultures of which have each had a significant influence on my personality. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but my direct family has also had significant influence on my character, each in their own unique ways. My father was a nurse/fireman/ski patrolman. My love of learning came from him. My mother was a house cleaner. I got my compassion an commanding presence from her. My brother is finding joy by sliding down mountains and kayaking lakes in Big Sky. He taught me unconditional love. And, my sister is a Doctor of Social Work and an activist with a network that spans the globe. She is my strongest influence and my best friend – I have been wanting to be like her in every way since I was born.

Rat Pack of Chimayo. Or is it Rugrats? (I am front row center in the pink skirt.)
I like to imagine that if I had a 90s band, this would be the cover for their album. And they would be called Bad Kids on the Block.

I studied music for 20 years – Baroque and Renaissance on the recorder and Classical, Contemporary, and Jazz on the clarinet and oboe. I left that path when I decided to attend a book school and study the works of brilliant dead white men. I guess my love of reading and writing was stronger than performing music, but my love of music (and art) will always be a huge part of who I am. I am drawn to artists because they see things from different perspectives which allows me to gain a broader and deeper understanding about the world. You can learn more about my appreciation for the arts on my Skills & Interests page.

There is good reason why I chose that book school. My entire life I have loved to read, research, and write. I’ve maintained youthful curiosity and love of learning well into adulthood. I have always spent time reflecting in hopes of growing. And, I have always loved hearing people’s stories and experiences. While I have a strong understanding of who I am and what I hold true, I don’t want a rigid perspective of the world, stuck firmly to some moral or intellectual idea that never changes. I want my perspective and ideas to evolve as I learn more about myself and the world.


I have long been an advocate for sustainable living and supporting local businesses, the ideals of which were instilled in me at a young age. I have also been highly involved in the social justice world, which is where I began to master social media, build a network of colleagues across the globe, truly learn how to speak my mind, and what it means to have firm boundaries when it comes to how people are treated. This is why my social networking handles rarely reflect my known name – I’ve received annoying hate mail in the past because of my views around equity and economic justice.

Taking the streets after the last election.

A fundamental tenet of mine is mutual aid. I do not believe in charity, which increasingly shows itself to be a way for capitalism to exploit the well-meaning intentions of loving people. (That’s a big part of why I want to expand my work opportunities to be with more than nonprofits.) I DO believe that it is our responsibility as citizens to care for one another, and that acts of generosity and compassion can also have a positive impact on our mental health. I have volunteered since I was a teen and have been on nonprofit boards since I was in my 20s. You can see more about my board membership on the Skills & Interests page.

My fur family

Gizmo, the KIng of Couch Mountain
Ainsley Adventure Cat, the feline James Bond
Domino, the Party Pup
TK, the grumpiest sweetheart
Lil Bit , the tinest dog in town

Yeah, I included pics of my pets. They’ve been my primary source of entertainment since March.

What People Say

“Alexis always shows up when it matters most.” – Rowan

“You’re a ninja at what you do & anyone would be really fortunate to bring you onto their team.” – Ceci, Marketing Coordinator, Santa Fe Farmers’ Market

“Alexis did an absolutely fabulous job with the Open Kitchen website! The BEST value to us is her ability to capture and help draw out the spirit of Open Kitchen. I am beyond thrilled.” – Hue-Chan Karels, Open Kitchen

“Alexis is an incredible asset to our team. Eloquent, problem solving, innovative, and compassionate. She brought organization and insights that took our project to the next level. It has been a joy working with her and I can’t wait for the next opportunity because she is a catalyst for positive change.” – Jill Sutherland, Wheel of Fortune Tarot Project

Let’s do something great together.

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