A sampling of projects I have done and things I have written.

Professional Writing

“Vulnerability, Beauty & Empowerment” Writer & Editor

I helped photographer Daniel Quat develop the concept to best present his series of intimate photos & wrote the description for the flier promoting a digital exhibit. I will be the writer for the upcoming photography book.

Content About Artists & Businesses

Business description – Acupuncturist
Business description – Clothing Designer
Business description – Custom Boot Store
Project Statement – Art Installation
Solicitation Letter – Live Auction Package

Research & Writing for Kids Activity Book

This was a side project I did in support of my previous employer. The artist, Spencer Olsen, donated his craft and time. At the time he was an artist from Meow Wolf and he did the drawings by hand.

Branding & Websites

Redesign Website Home Page & New Marketing Plan for Rental Property

Pojoaque Pueblo owns a luxury property that they have used to generate income, primarily by renting it as a venue for destination weddings. During the pandemic, their bookings postponed or canceled. They needed a swift change in marketing focus. Their website was already quite beautiful, but I updated the fonts and changed the language and images to refocus the marketing of the property as a short and long-term vacation rental. I re-purposed images they had on file from weddings and their equestrian facilities.

Re-branding & New Website for Massage Therapy Business

I did intensive research into the business and the business name so I could develop the new logo concept. I worked with a graphic designer to perfect the selected concept. This led to choosing a new color palette and fonts and doing a complete redesign of their website (which has not gone live yet because of COVID-19). The new site includes service descriptions, therapist bios, on-line booking, and gift cards (designed by me) that can be selected to go out with gift certificates. The slideshow photos compare the original logo and website with my new design.

Re-branding & New Website for Catering Business

A colleague was re-visioning her catering business when she could no longer serve food at events due to the pandemic. She decided to start a prepared-meal delivery service, but her website was not sufficient. So, gave her brand a new look, completely redesigned and built her new website, and wrote entirely new content which was key in her new initiative being a success. I also wrote her weekly newsletter and blog through September 3, 2020.

Concept Development, Branding & Business Development for Prospective Business

When a friend told me her idea of starting a cleaning business, I wanted her to be successful so I fully developed the business concept and plan, including mission, positioning, color palette, logo, website design and build, website content, graphics, fliers, price points & budget, and blog post ideas and samples. She wanted the business to reflect her and her partner’s personality, not be too corporate, and be approachable and fun.

Art Direction & Design

Concept Development & Art Direction for Event Print & Digital Media

Art Direction & Copywriting – Print Newsletter

Art Direction and Copywriting – Event Program

Graphic Design

As I said over on Skills & Interests, I don’t consider myself a graphic designer. But, I have designed out of necessity. I, for one, really love the logo I made for my consulting business. My intent has been to work with small business owners who are bootstrapping it – blue collar businesses like seamstresses, landscapers, mechanics, etc. I wanted my logo to immediately appeal to any gender. The deer has both masculine and feminine traits. Blue is universally liked among all genders and dark blues elicit trust. The coral heart, noticeable but subtle, is seen as optimistic, dynamic, and approachable and yet a little unconventional.

Media Relations

Press Releases

Here are samples of various press releases I wrote and sent out over the years.

Press Release – High Mayhem Emerging Arts – “Word-Centric”
Press Release – Un-Peeling Racism
Press Release – Mona Malec One-Woman Theater Production
Letter to the Editor – Fiestas Protest

Social Media

Viral Facebook Post

My most viral post may not have had mind-blowing stats, but I’m pretty proud of this video’s 183 comments, 722 interactions, and 72,000+ views. It makes me happy that my most viral post is an instructional video of an abuela sharing her family recipe for bischochitos, the New Mexico state cookie. When I found the original video created by The Wisdom Archive, it had a couple hundred views. When I first shared it on Facebook, it got a couple hundred more . When I re-shared it a month before the holidays – the prime season for these cookies and people reminiscing about holidays with grandma – the video quickly launched into tens of thousands of views. Two years later, and people still watch and interact.

Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Instagram

Social media was a small part of my job but is one of the things I am most proud of from my time at the Farmers’ Market Institute. We went from 800 followers to 7,000 by the time I left and the quality of the content is good enough that they have been recycling my posts.


Nonprofit Program Info-graphics

Working with a graphic designer, I developed these one-sheet infographics in a way that informs the reader about how the program works, what issue it is addressing, different statistics, partners, cost, AND the outcomes. Oh – and they include a testimonial too.

Event Planning

Whether a reception for 20 people or a dinner for 500, a literary reading or a 3-day music and arts festival, a private event or ticketed public event, a wedding or a fundraiser, for profit or free – I have planned and implemented a wide range of successful events, handling all the details from concept development to following up with attendees. This includes budgets and sales, corporate sponsors, vendor contracts, promotions, invitations, assigning seating, decorations, writing speeches, videos and slideshows, managing caterers, food procurement, recruiting and managing volunteers, and more.

Annual Giving

The end of year is every nonprofit’s last ditch effort to get some money in the door , made a little easier because of the “holiday spirit” of giving. Annual Appeal letters will go out to every constituent group, which means it can get complicated, fast. You either have many small groups with tailored solicitations or you find a way to do a general request that has clear, compelling, and brief language that makes an impact to every demographic on your list. Here was a recent attempt, using gift impact statements and a monthly giving program with categories that relate to the mission. Those who received the letter and this insert could see that a gift of any size has value and becoming a monthly donor would be easier than they may have thought. (I also did the graphic design.)

Ideas on Sustainability

A friend asked for my perspective on how a nonprofit achieves sustainability. In short, the keys to sustainability at a nonprofit are strong leadership, diversification of funding, board involvement, and relationship building through transparency and engagement.

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