Skills and Interests

So… what are Alexis’ qualifications, exactly? I’m glad you asked.

My career in the nonprofit world spans 20 years. Even if they have a million-dollar budget, nonprofits operate from a “poverty mindset” where they believe they don’t have enough and staff must make do with what they already have. This is why I needed to wear many hats to get the work done for what I envisioned. Even though I have held management/director level positions, I have had to do the work. This contributes to why I am a strategic thinker. My goal-setting and plan development aim to do better than before while ensuring the plan is realistic and the work able to be done efficiently.

I can do this:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Business Plans
  • Campaign Planning
  • Copy Editing & Copy Writing
  • Crisis Communications
  • Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Database Management
  • Developing a Case for Support
  • Event Planning
  • Grant Writing
  • Graphic Design Concept Development
  • Graphic Design Project Oversight
  • Infographics & Fact Sheets
  • Internal Communications Systems
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Media Relations
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Research
  • Small Business Systems Development
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Instagram)
  • Storytelling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trend Analysis
  • Verbal Communications
  • Website Development
  • Website Management

Because I am:

  • Analytical
  • Authentic
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Friendly
  • Goal oriented
  • Imaginative
  • Inquisitive
  • Intentional
  • Intelligent
  • Optimistic
  • Thoughtful

And because I can:

  • Accept valid & constructive criticism
  • Ask good questions
  • Be encouraging
  • Build rapport
  • Find the silver lining
  • Focus
  • Not be afraid of failing
  • Listen
  • Validate others’ experiences & feelings

Technical Skills

Most of the technical things I know are self-taught, and so I rarely list them on resumes. When I want something done and I need to do it myself, then I find a way through research, trial and error, and a broad network. Thank god for perseverance, motivation, the internet, and talented friends!

Website Development

My experience in web development started when I learned CMS Made Simple as a basic user in 2005. I started learning the back-end of WordPress in 2007. Then, in 2015, one of the first tasks I laid out for myself when I started at the Farmers’ Market Institute was to overhaul the tired and antiquated websites for both the Institute and Farmers’ Market. To begin the process I took an accelerated eight week WordPress class at the Santa Fe Community College to expand on my self-taught skills. Then I proceeded to design and build two large websites, concurrently. I had one amazing colleague from the Market collaborating on the design and uploading content as well as one contracted web developer available to handle the most complex aspects of building the site. I created both site maps, wrote the majority of the content for both sites (or did significant revisions to existing language), selected and formatted all of the photos, and helped with the build out. I have since built several other websites using WordPress and Wix and I am now learning Weebly (and plan on taking on-line courses to learn more back-end tech tools.) For the most recent site build, I developed the design, wrote entirely new content, and built all of the new pages in a mere nine days – while the existing site was still live. I then spent the next several weeks fine tuning the design, formatting and organizing all of the photos, and strengthening the SEO.

Graphic Design

I have never had formal graphic design training and I would never call myself a visual artist. I have a lot of respect for the skill of artists and designers and the effort they put into their work. Throughout my life I have been involved in the arts, and I have developed a keen eye that makes me great at art direction and pretty darn good at composition. I have strong aesthetic intelligence and understand the language of design, which aid in concept development and communicating with designers. I also understand that branding and marketing are much more complex than aesthetics, so I have been building a font library and I have studied the psychology of colors and fonts.


Oddly enough, my experience working with several different relationship databases has been a contributing factor to my learning new computer programs easily (with guidance). It is also a leading contributor to market analysis, customer segmentation, and building relationships. They help keep me organized and able to communicate with the right people at the right time. When you know how relationship databases work, then the world becomes one huge Venn diagram.


Board Membership

Solace Crisis & Trauma Treatment Center – joined in 2018, current President
Their mission is to prevent sexual violence and empower survivors of sexual violence and other violent crimes through restoring dignity, strength, and resilience.

Open Roads Media, joined in 2018, current Treasurer
They are an international nonprofit whose mission is to facilitate online dialogue and collaborative film projects between communities around the world and whose vision is an informed and mobilized public in service of more just societies.

Partnership for Responsible Business, Board member from 2016 – 2017
They encourage the development of sustainable communities in New Mexico through inspiring and empowering collaborative economic and community development, by facilitating environmentally and socially responsible business.

Terra Obscura / The Virtual Dinner Guest, Board member from 2011 – 2015
This was the precursor to Open Roads Media.

Littleglobe, Joined in 2010, President from 2011-2013
They are committed to interdisciplinary, collaborative art projects that foster life-affirming connections across the boundaries that divide us. They partner with local, national, and international communities to create rigorous artistic works that create meaningful relationships, empower individuals and communities, and reflect the power of our social imagination.

High Mayhem Emerging Arts, Board member from 2004 – 2015
They are an emerging arts facility, record label and multimedia production collective that challenges the homogenizing effect of pop-culture groupthink by providing opportunities for and fostering collaborations with underrepresented “experimental” artists.

Creative Santa Fe, joined in 2007, Secretary in 2008, Vice President in 2009
Their mission is to leverage Santa Fe’s unique sense of place, using collaboration and the power of the arts to reframe critical issues and drive positive change.

Reading, Research & Writing

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I didn’t really find comfort in writing until I was an adult, when I realized my best writing happens when I set out to learn something new.

Here is a blog series I did during Black History Month in 2019 and 2020. The first year I focused on introducing innovative black Americans whose names should be celebrated but likely many had not heard about. The second year was going to be a combination of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, focusing on Boss Bitches – black women who stood proud and made great strides. Unfortunately, issues in my personal life made writing this nearly impossible. I shall try again in 2021!

I started a blog to share my personal journey of growth and the tools I’ve used along the way. It is call Ik pim anukfila which means Let Us Be Mindful in Choctaw. The same issues that stood in the way o my Black History Month series also made this blog come to screeching stop. Starting it back up is a top priority.

I wrote up a simple description of how to read music and how music is structured for a friend who was starting to learn how to be a DJ and who had not studied music before.


My first camera was a purple Vivitar that used 110mm film. I got it from Avon. I lived in the country, so I have lots of photos I took of cows and the sky. As you can tell by the cover images on each page of this CV, I still like taking photos of the sky. None of the photos on this site have been edited, except for maybe a little tweak to the transparency/overlay so text would be easier to read. Here are some additional pics to look at.

Sky & Horizon

The New Mexico sky is like the ocean – expansive, ever-changing, awe inspiring. It is one of the things I love most about the Land of Enchantment. If you’re wondering why I used photos of the sky as the cover image on each page of this CV, it is because the photos are actually of the horizon and the constantly changing sky. The horizon has become a metaphor for my attitude about life and the foundation for my strategic planning work:

Your primary goal – your vision of what you want for yourself – is like the horizon. You can get easily overwhelmed if you fixate on that destination because it seems so far away and there are so many obstacles between you and that goal. Be like the backpacker who is on a long-distance trek – live in the present moment, looking at where you step and what is just ahead. But, don’t ignore the horizon. Regularly look to it and keep your destination in sight. It will keep you motivated and prevent you from veering from your path.


I studied music throughout my childhood – Renaissance and Baroque on the recorder (instruments made from wood, not plastic) and Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary on clarinet and oboe. I even tried bassoon for a year in middle school. I would have studied music in college if I hadn’t been drawn to St. John’s College. But studying music prepared me for the rigorous study in college, and in fact shaped how I think and work. Playing music uses multiple areas of the brain at once. It helps with analytical thought, creativity, and teamwork. I learned to focus and to persevere. It helped me know how to be a leader, take instruction and constructive criticism, and be responsible to myself and others. It taught me how to multi-task, listen, continually work to improve, and learn from my mistakes. It also has been an excellent means of learning about different cultures and finding connection with others.

Mozart’s Requiem is my favorite piece of music. The Vienna Boys choir is my favorite recording.

David Bowie’s Queen Bitch is a tune that can always lifts my spirits on a gloomy day.

I’m particularly fond of the boom-chika and have danced to this stuff for a long time.

Is it time yet?

See how I got these skills.

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